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I can remember the very first story I wrote. It was second grade and Mrs. Green assigned each of us to write a paragraph about Halloween. I grabbed about six sheets of that flimsy, green, line and dash paper, started writing and never stopped!

"Fear is all I can feel. I am lost and alone in the woods."

Pretty strong hook for a second grader, huh? I remember all of the other kids finishing way before me. I even stayed in during recess, bugging Mrs. Green to help me sound out the words that were in my head pushing to come out. They were urgent...important. How could I be expected to play kickball at a time like this? I couldn't explain it then, but I remember feeling like I'd discovered something magical...something I knew I did differently than everyone else. And I loved it! 

Anyway, fast forward a bunch of years. I wimped out and chose a college major with a sure payday instead of following a passion with sketchy cashflow. So now I'm a nurse with a "hobby" that runs my life! On the upside, Writer Heather helps Nurse Heather produce kick-butt, published articles like these... Click Me!

I'm a PRO member of Romance Writers of America, Young Adult Romance Writers of America and Valley Forge Romance Writers.

I live in suburban Pennsylvania, famous for cheesesteaks and Jackass.